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Domain Alloy Boats DAB are crafted to exacting standards. Our boats are offered to the original purchaser with a conditional warranty period which includes:

  • The Bare Hull is offered with a warranty period of Ten (10) Years for Recreational use and ONE (1) Year for Commercial use from the date of purchase. The Bare Hull refers to the Hull of the boat devoid of all additions, fittings or parts.
  • Parts and fittings are provided as per the parts supplier warranty.
  • Paint and Nyalic is offered with a One (1) year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Excludes windscreen/windshield breakage and leakage around windscreens/windshields or other designed openings.

During the above warranty periods Domain Alloy Boats will provide all repairs at no charge. Delivery and collection of the boat to and from the Domain Alloy Boat’s facility will be the responsibility of the purchaser.


Any warranty will be deemed null and void if:

  • The boat has been altered or repaired in any way, including but not limited to:
    • Carpets
    • Linings
    • Additional permanent storage
    • Additional welds

  • The boat has been damaged by rigging and engines being installed incorrectly
  • The boat is loaded or powered in manner which exceeds its limitations
  • The boat has been in an accident or shows clear signs of misuse or neglect
  • The boat is damaged due to the use of an unsuitable or damaged trailer damage occurs due to improper support on the trailer. Domain Alloy
  • Boats will NOT warrant boats, which have been improperly trailed. E.g.
    • The use of multi roller trailers
    • Incorrect or insufficient tie down from vessel to trailer
    • No engine support through an engine support bracket and,
    • Off road use.
  • The boat is used for racing or any other activity not associated with normal recreational use.
  • If the boat is used commercially a one (1) year warranty applies.


Domain Alloy Boats except no responsibility from the following which are excluded from any warranton offer:

  • Maintenance or expected wear and tear through normal use
  • Damage to upholstery
  • Damage to paint by any solvent or petroleum based product


Under the conditions of this warranty, Domain Alloy Boats shall only repair any part of the boat which is judged to have been the result of defective workmanship. Domain Alloy Boats will not be liable for any other costs associated with damages of any nature which may occur other than the obligations stated in this document.

Domain Alloy Boats reserve the right to modify the warranty period and change the specifications and design of its boats at its discretion without assuming any obligation to modify previously manufactured boats.

For the warranty to be valid, the boat’s warranty registration card must be completed and returned to Domain Alloy Boats within fourteen (14) days of purchase.

The trailer and its associated parts are not covered by the Domain Alloy Boats Warranty.


It is recommended that the following care and maintenance procedures are followed to extend the life of the boat.

  • The vessel should be rinsed internally and externally including storage spaces and under the fuel tank where applicable after use with fresh water to remove salts.
  • If needed, a non-etch cleaner and non-abrasive brush can be used to remove grime and encrusted salt.
  • Use a non-solvent based cleaner to wash the boat